Monthly Archives: August 2013

Texas ACT Scores for Various Student Groups Hit New Highs

Aug. 21, 2013 Commissioner of Education Michael Williams announced that the 2013 composite score for all Texas students taking the ACT college admission test hit a new high of 20.9 according to a report released by ACT. In addition, the composite scores for Texas White, Hispanic/Latino and African-American students are at all-time highs – matching or exceeding.
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Myths About Our Public Schools

MYTH: Texas public schools are failing REALITY: Ninety-nine percent of the students passed the exit-level social studies test in 2011, up from 78% in 2003.  Ninety-five percent passed the exit-level English Language Arts test in 2011, compared to 61% in 2003. Math passing rates more than doubled during this time period, rising from 44%.
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