billboardFriends of Texas Public Schools was founded by Leslie and Scott Milder in 2004 with the mission of facilitating respectful conversations about Texas public schools through honest communication, productive dialogue, and relentless encouragement. A primary purpose for establishing the organization was to educate Texans about the strengths and achievements of Texas public schools, and one way that the organization does that is through the annual distribution of posters and the production of large billboards seen along Texas highways and byways. The artwork for this year’s poster and billboard displays a the simple and important message: Great Things Are Happening in Texas Public Schools.

poster-smallThis year’s posters, which were sent to more than 9000 campuses throughout the state of Texas, congratulate Texas Educators for having the highest graduation rates in America, showing comparison of the graduation rates and rank among African-American, Hispanic, White and Economically Disadvantaged students in Texas and in the nation. The posters, which were sponsored by College of Education at University North Texas, K12 Insight, Stantec Architecture, Google for Education, and NWEA, were sent to ever public school campus in the state in early October. Many principals, superintendents, and teachers called or emailed to thank us for the posters, and many requested additional copies to put up in break rooms or in public reception areas.

The billboards feature the simple message Great Things are Happening in Texas Public Schools on a red, white and blue background reminiscent of the Texas flag. The billboards, which went up throughout the Temple 289 Market, were printed at a reduced cost by Lamar Advertising. This year we also printed several thousand bumper stickers that mirror the message on the billboards and the posters.


If you have seen the billboards, send us a picture!