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Open Carry Letter to our STAAR Legislature

By Leslie Milder - Founder, Friends of Texas Public Schools With the exception of my family and a few precious friends who feel like family, I RARELY express my politics and personal beliefs in public.  But I have had enough. I follow the Texas Legislature when it’s in session like some people follow their favorite sports teams.  I.
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Wondering Why?

by Andra Self, posted on Why not brag? We all know that Texas is a state that loves to brag. We brag about everything being bigger and better in Texas. We brag about how we compare to other states. But somehow, when it comes to schools, some state leaders don’t take the opportunity to brag, and.
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Texas student groups’ graduation rates outpace peers

According to the latest figures released by the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, the Class of 2013 high school graduation rate for Texas African-American and Hispanic students topped that of similar students groups across the country.

In addition, various student groups in Texas – including White, Asian, Economically Disadvantaged and students.

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