Frequently Asked Questions

Q?What is the purpose of Friends of Texas Public Schools?

The purpose is to bring more good news to light. Our public schools do a remarkable job of educating Texas children. Sadly, “fixing” public schools is a favorite platform, and more often than not, it’s the need to improve rather than the reasons to celebrate that politicians, policy makers, and papers choose to talk about. The negative nature of news leaves out millions of success stories. We aim to share a few of them and turn the slant in a positive direction.

Q?What will friends of Texas Public Schools do?

Friends will launch a sustained statewide public relations campaign on behalf of Texas public schools. Friends will build bipartisan support by recruiting representatives and supporters from all walks of the business community, as well as from individuals, celebrities, politicians and educators.

Q?Is this an effort to defeat vouchers?

No. You might be thinking of an unrelated organization called the Coalition for Public Schools.

Q?Who is behind this organization?

We know it is hard to believe, but no one in particular. There are no teacher or educator associations driving this grassroots campaign. While there are many educators and educational organizations supportive of Friends of Texas Public Schools, the organization’s leadership is composed solely of private sector professionals. The Commissioner of Education is the sole exception, and his role is simply to facilitate access to raw data.

This grassroots campaign was started by a couple of Texans who were fed up with the incessant attacks on the character of our educators and decided to roll up their sleeves and do something about it.

Q?What are the hidden agendas?

There are none.

Q?How can I get involved?

We hope you’ll sign on as a Friend of Texas Public Schools, review the hard facts about Texas public schools, and share the good news! As a 501c(3) organization, Friends of Texas Public Schools relies solely on tax-deductible contributions from individuals and businesses. Friends also hosts periodic fund-raising efforts. Friends will not accept funds from any special interest groups and will not engage in lobbying or political action.