Friend of Friends

From Melanie Bishop, Director Personnel, Mesquite ISD

“Hello! I hope all is well with you, Leslie, and the kids. I just wanted to stop and thank you and Leslie for all you do to support public education. As you know, the most important tool we have to prepare us for the future is the classroom teacher.

I have ranked the toughest professions:
Number 1: Being a Parent- enough said
Number 2: Classroom Teacher – they build hearts and minds
Number 3: School Principal
Number 4: President of the United States of America – they are just expected to keep world peace.

I am retiring in June with 39 years as an educator. I am proud to say that I would not have chosen any other profession than that of being an educator.

Again, I truly appreciate your efforts to shine a positive outlook and strengthen support for public education.”

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