Be Proud Campaign

Join the BE PROUD Campaign! Confronting the mean-spirited criticism and attacks on our public schools…

BE PROUD is a campaign started by Texans who are fed up with the incessant, mean-spirited criticism and attacks on our public schools, most of which is leveled with flawed and corrupted data.  Our public schools are achieving extraordinary results in spite of seemingly overwhelming challenges, yet those who work in our schools rarely receive praise for their hard work and accomplishments.

Friends of Texas Public Schools is proud to host this group’s work, which is kicking off with a series of one-minute visualizations illustrating the real story about public school performance.

Click below to watch a short video about Public Education in Texas

(Visit our Friends of Texas Public Schools YouTube page to watch our videos.)

Be Proud Videos:

The Myth of Soaring Costs
Where does the education dollar go?

US Students vs The World in Student Performance

Graduation Rates
Charter School Actual Success
Top Ten Reasons to be Proud of Texas Education


Nancy Oelklaus
, BE PROUD Campaign Chair, Executive Leadership Coach at Entrepreneurial Systems
Arnold Adair, Deer Park ISD Superintendent
Sharon Boutwell, Katy ISD Assistant Superintendent
Linda Henrie, Mesquite ISD Superintendent
Michael Marder, Co-Director of UTeach & Professor of Physics at UT-Austin
Scott Milder, President and CEO, Friends of Texas Public Schools
Doug Rogers, Executive Director, Association for Texas Professional Educators
Sam Zigrossi, Program Director at UT-Austin