New FOTPS President

As the Legislature convenes today while law suits involving hundreds of Texas public school districts are still being heard in front of the courts, they face numerous heated debates over school funding, school choice, and accountability. It is safe to say public education will be on many people’s minds in the upcoming months.

In the midst of these discussions, a new leader takes the reins of an organization dedicated to celebrating what’s right with Texas public schools.

Blake G. Powell, J.D., is the new President of Friends of Texas Public Schools. FOTPS is an organization founded by Scott and Leslie Milder in 2004 in response to the incessant, often mean-spirited criticism leveled against our public schools. For the past eight years co-founder Scott Milder has served as President of the organization.

“Though I will always remain committed to this organization, I believe it is in the best interest of Friends of Texas Public Schools for me to step back from the presidency and allow others the opportunity to lead us into the next stages of greatness,” said Milder about the change in leadership.

Powell will lead a public relations campaign to combat the negative myth that Texas public schools are failing our children. The vision of Friends of Texas Public Schools is that the people of Texas have a right to know that our public schools are achieving more today than ever in their history in spite of the many challenges they face.

And while Powell is sure to have his ear tuned to what is happening during the Legislative session, Friends of Texas Public Schools is not a political organization. Instead, Friends spends its time, energy, and funds championing what is right about Texas public schools and sharing those positive stories with the goal of changing the perception of public schools to more accurately reflect their continued success.

Mr. Powell is ready to lead this charge as students return to their classrooms in 2013.

“Children and teachers thrive in environments filled with hope and encouragement. Our organization’s goal is to raise morale and bring a sense of optimism to Texas public schools,” said Powell about his new leadership position. “I look forward to continuing the march initiated by our founders, Leslie and Scott Milder, and joined by our very capable and dedicated board of directors toward this noble end.”

Powell has dedicated his career to the practice of school law and advocacy for public education. He is a native Texan and a proud product of Texas public schools, graduating from Copperas Cove High School. He is the son of a former public school teacher and administrator. Today, Powell & Leon, LLP has offices in Austin and Pittsburg and serves as general or special counsel to more than 200 public school, community college and special districts across Texas. Powell and his wife, Maggie, reside in Austin and have five children–Jennifer, Allyson, Justin, Reed and Madison.

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2013 Friends of Texas Public Schools Board
Blake Powell – President
Chad Chadwell – Vice President
Dave Irby – Board Secretary
Scott Milder – Past President
Amber Fulton – Executive Director

CONTACT: Blake Powell | Friends of Texas Public Schools President | (512) 494-1177 |

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