Growing a Healthy Society

Public Education Provides Seeds of Lifelong Learning for Tomorrow’s Leaders
by Kyle Ward

When I think about public school, I immediately reflect on fond memories of my first-grade teacher at Hillsboro ISD, Mrs. Emily Hudson. It’s a huge step to leave the security and personal attention of your mother and dad or guardian and transition to a new and unfamiliar environment. Mrs. Hudson was the inspirational bridge from that home cocoon to my becoming a more independent person committed to learning. Mrs. Hudson’s style of teaching went far beyond a textbook. Many times our class would go outside and explore the wonders of nature and our environment, and on a warm day we would enjoy slushy orange juice that Mrs. Hudson prepared as we talked about something she wanted us to remember. Public school attracts many such dedicated and caring individuals who give their lives to educating future Texas leaders.

Public education provides students with not only an academic foundation but one that teaches our children about working with others, the diversity within our communities, and life experiences that cannot be gained in an isolated environment. I remember so vividly that our school custodian, Mr. Williams, did so much more than keep our school clean. He was a gifted pianist and would play for us whenever he could. He was a school district employee hired for a specific task, yet he also shared the gift of music with students.

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