I want to thank you for your thoughts/article SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS ARE JUSTLY COMPENSATED.

As a school superintendent, I believe you have accurately and nicely explained the responsibilities we have in a nice package.  So many people don’t understand that.  Basically, you made my day, by reconfirming what I do every day is so “worth” the fair money I do make (even when it doesn’t seem that way – when others running businesses are on a golf course or out having lunches – ha)!

Although it was the article this morning that made me reach out to you, I want to let you know that I am very thankful for you and the MANY great thoughts and articles you have written.  I believe that you and the Friends of TX Public Schools have done so much to help the public see the great things that are happening in Texas public schools.  Thank you for your passion, dedication, and support of TX Public Schools!  You are a hero in our eyes!

Donni Cook, Ed., Superintendent of Schools Chapel Hill ISD