Scott and Leslie,

I wanted to personally thank you both for the important work you do at FOTPS and for the great honor you bestowed upon TAMSA last night. (Texas Public Schools 2016 Friend of the Year) Until I was heading to Waco last night, I never really stopped and thought about how rare it is for TAMSA moms, TACS superintendents, and educators in general to actually stop and celebrate and be appreciated for all we and they do. It was wonderful to have a night of celebration! As I always say, a little positive reinforcement goes a long way! That exemplifies the mission of FOTPS and I want you to know how much I appreciate it.

In these crazy times and the war being waged on public education, we are poised to be on the defensive as never before, and last night was really a “filling of the cup” to give us all the strength and the will to keep up the fight. Your work in support of public education is invaluable and the positivity helps fill the fuel of those of us who must continue to fight for what is right!

Again, many thanks for the honor and for your work showing all of the good in public education in Texas!

Laura Yeager
TAMSA Co-Founder