About Our Texas Public Schools

Taxpayers and businesses help subsidize education, and they want to make sure their money is being used effectively in a system of education that works well. The good news is that public education, one of the pillars of American society, remains strong. In the words of U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige, “True, the United States is economically powerful now…The quality of our educational system is directly responsible for our economic success.”

Of course we want to maintain our global position of strength and our competitive edge, and that’s a noble vision. Sadly, teachers and schools aren’t lifted up by that vision. More often, they become victims of it.

We know that our public officials have good intentions. Their message is, “We must remain vigilant; we must strive for continued excellence in our schools.” Sadly, “fixing” the public schools is a favorite platform for politicians. And what the public ends up hearing and reading is, “We’re not good enough. We need to reform our educational system. We must revolutionize the way we educate!”

Our system is revolutionary, and Texas public schools are overwhelmingly successful. In the face of ever-increasing standards, public scrutiny, complex policy and budget battles, Texas public schools continually rise to the occasion on behalf of their students.