Ambassador Training

Optimism breeds success. It motivates, inspires, and unites. Children and teachers thrive in environments that are full of hope and encouragement. Unfortunately, there is too little optimism and too much doom and gloom in the public debate about public education, generating a perception of widespread failure.

“We are not failing and I resent the harsh criticism of our profession,” Milder says. “Great things are happening in our schools. We move mountains for kids every day, but that’s not the story that’s being told.

“We have a massive image problem,” Milder added. “The conversation and debate about public education is illinformed and mean-spirited. It’s time we take control of the conversation and let people know their children and their tax dollars are in good hands.”

Ambassador training was designed to do just that, to mobilize educators to step up as ambassadors for themselves, their students, campuses, district, and their profession.

This program brings a representative group of campus and department staff together for two-hour sessions several times through the school year to, first, understand the forces undermining public trust in public education and second, learn how to restore the public’s faith and trust in their schools.

Each session begins with a celebration of the great things happening in your schools, explores one of the major issues negatively affecting public confidence, identifies strategies for restoring the public’s faith and trust in our schools, and closes with an assignment for each participant that challenges them to be an ambassador leader in their respective roles.

The Ambassador program includes book studies on Hard Optimism by Price Pritchett and Hello My Name is Public School and I Have an Image Problem by Leslie Milder and Jane Braddock.

For more information, please contact Leslie Milder at, or by phone at 214-498-7680.



"I have been teaching in KISD for 25 years and this is the most positive and inspiring staff" development I have ever been to. This training needs to be done for the entire staff.”

“If you care about your school district and want to make some positive changes then create ambassadors for your campus to spread optimism! It’s worth it and will be an investment that will duplicate many times over! I am grateful to Klein for bringing FOTPS to our educators!”

“Being a relatively new teacher -- college did not prepare me for the realness of working in education. the negativity is overwhelming knowing I spent the last 4 years of my life deciding I wanted to do this for my entire future. This course was a nice refreshing and reassuring experience that made me more confident in my career choice. More people need to hear the good news about Texas Public Schools -- and a lot of those people are educators.”

“This training gave me the knowledge and tools I need to become a better advocate for Texas public schools. I am armed and ready to go!”

“Once I presented the ideas I learned in Ambassador Training at my home campus the morale improved drastically. Simple tips for positive thinking leads to big improvement.”

“It changed my outlook not only on teaching but life in general.”

“This was an eye opener for me! I loved this program.”

“I really, really hope we can continue, formally, meeting and sharing. I think this is a great place to stoke the flames of positive success.”

“A very enlightening program that puts a positive spin on what educators do everyday. After every session I left feeling better about being a teacher! Would love to see you on my campus for a staff development.”

“This was a great program/training. Would love for more people to experience it. It was entertaining, but more importantly it made me proud of my profession and gave me a renewed energy for what I do. Needs less time between sessions -- was excited about what was coming next.”

“This program is truly ‘catching’. It would be great if everyone could participate. The training was so inspiring that it made me want to pay it forward to my colleagues. The small things we did from this training that we took back to our school really boosted morale on our campus.”

“How refreshing to attend educational sessions presented by true public education advocates. It feels empowering to know Leslie and Scott Milder are in our corner.”

“I left each meeting on an up beat! Even after difficult days when I didn’t exactly look forward to another meeting, I was always glad I went. The positive energy is obvious and very necessary. Has made me a better person that enables me to be a better teacher and parent.”

“Honestly, I would have enjoyed more meetings! Can we do follow up sessions? :) I would love to continue this program. The ambassador program celebrates education, educators, and our children. Ambassadors help share the joy, rekindle the spark, and bring attention to the joy education brings. I left this training with a greater appreciation for my career, as well as ways to help others in my building (and profession) to do the same. Thank you!”

“This training teaches you to share the absolute joy of public school teaching and how to brag about how awesome your school/district/individual students are! It brings a senses of passion and positivity to the job and helps you learn how to focus on our many successes and encourages us to share with the community. We need to celebrate our public schools -- this training teaches you how to do just that." :)