Tracking the Education Dollar

Texas Public schools spent a total of $54.4 billion in 2008–09 to educate 4.6 million students. Of this total, $8.7 billion was spent on capital outlay, $4.9 billion was related to debt service, and $39.6 billion was spent on “basic educational costs.” The remaining expenditures r...

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Overview of State Funding Woes

You have, I am sure, heard the “good news – bad news” jokes. Well, here’s the bad news. The budget recently adopted for the State of Texas is a disaster for our state. Unfortunately, there is no good news – and that is not the worst of it. Because of the gigantic hole b...

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The Life and Death of Education

Diane Ravitch on the real threats to public education BY RICHARD WHITTAKER, Austin Chronicle SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 On the subject of public education, Diane Ravitch may be America’s most important whistle-blower. The former U.S. assistant secretary of education doesn’t employ hidden cam...

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