Friend of Friends

From Michelle Carroll Smith Superintendent, Lytle ISD

Dear Friends,

I just want to share an email my principal sent to her faculty and staff. Many of the points I think she picked up from the Ambassador training a few years ago. Thanks to no additional financial support from the state we are taking student transfers this year in an attempt to balance our budget. This means our class sizes will exceed 22-1 at the elementary.  See Below.

Michelle Carroll Smith
Superintendent, Lytle ISD


As I sit here wishing the state was treating public education better I find myself extremely worried about each of you. How are you handling the stressful situation? Are you prepared for the community's reaction to our class sizes? What do we say? 

I suspect you have started hearing many negative comments and complaints about what is going on with school funding and the lack of support for public education. Unfortunately, at this point there is not a lot we can change. BUT... We can be positive for our students' sake. We can be positive and supportive for our colleagues. We can be positive for our own mental health. I know it is hard when always asked, "How can you teach with so many kids?" The answer is "We can as a team, teachers and parents!" As educators we have to make the parent's and community believe WE can do this, WE can teach in such conditions, WE can enjoy our students, WE can enjoy and love a few extra students. 

I promise you I understand this year will be hard but I have faith in each one of you. Each one of us are on the same ship, in the same conditions, loving and caring for the same children. As hard as this year will be, please know you will have support from our admin crew.  I will do everything I can to keep a positive attitude on board our ship. 

This is a time to let your passion drive you. Don't hesitate to ask if you need us. Share ideas to assist with relieving stress. Notice when a colleague is showing signs of stress or anxiety or they have that deer-in-the-headlights look or their eyes have glazed over.  Communication will be key. We will help any way we can.  

So remember your "why" and live your passion. 

Every one of us is an Ambassador for Lytle ISD! Watch your negative/sarcastic posts or Meme things that relate to school or work. Post two positive things every time you see someone hating their job or bashing a school. Kill them with kindness and pride. Even though we are living a super tough situation we are part of the most important and most fulfilling profession in the world. We are educators and we make a difference!

Love this job, love this community, love what we have.


It's a GREAT day to be a PIRATE! 

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